CBD for Migraines

CBD is a natural pain killer. Research has proven CBD is at least as effective as many pharmaceutical painkillers at reducing pain associated with migraines. Particularly over the counter varieties. This is something many people have already known from experience.

CBD may cause fewer side effects than opioid painkillers. The dark side of opioids is not a secret. What is amazing to us at Fractured Flower CBD, is how many people do not realize how they can reduce the severity of the current opioid epidemic, with CBD and or CBD-THC combinations.

A 2008 Italian study showed a direct correlation between chronic migraine sufferers and ESC functionality. It found that these patients ECS (Human Endocannabinoid System) systems were operating at half the functionality of people in overall good health. Regular daily dosages of CBD can help level the ECS.

How to ingest CBD

How you ingest CBD can now be done many ways. Some ways are better for different occasions. If you are having a massive migraine attack, we would recommend either a vape or smoked method. We are not blind to the connotations to these ingestion methods; it’s just these are the fastest ways to get the cannabinoids into your blood system. Smoking and vaping allow the cannabinoids to get passed directly into your blood system. The next fastest way to get the CBD into your blood system is through a Tincture Oil. By placing the dropper’s oil under your tongue that is the next fastest way to get CBD into your blood stream. The skin under your tongue allows for the CBD to be absorbed into your blood. After a minute you can swallow, and the rest will be absorbed through your digestive tract. Absorbing CBD in your digestive track, not all of it gets absorbed and can take at least an hour. The slowest absorption method is through edibles. One can expect it to take an hour to take effect.

At Fractured Flower CBD, if having a migraine attack, use what method you have. If you can send someone to our store, have them get a Broad-Spectrum Cartridge (you can pass drug tests) or a Disposable Full Spectrum Pen (some traces of THC and my not pass a drug test). We would encourage you to utilize a daily regimen of taking oil. Again, follow the guidelines as to broad and full spectrum as it is for the vape.


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