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CBD-rich cannabis oil improves core social symptoms in people with autism spectrum disorder

Many parents have been raving about the benefits of cannabis-based treatments for children on the autism spectrum for years. Notably, the goal is not to cure autism, but to facilitate better engagement and promote improved living skills so they can eventually be more independent.

For several years, Israeli scientists have been running clinical trials that reveal promising results for a 20:1 CBD to THC cannabis oil on many secondary symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, such as improved sleep, reduced anxiety, fewer rage attacks, and reductions in self-injury behaviors.

Results from these clinical trials show that cannabis also improved core social communication skills and boosted daily-living skills, such as getting dressed, eating food, and cleaning up, in children and adolescents. While these benefits didn’t extend to other core symptoms like restricted and repetitive behaviors, this study highlights the exciting potential of cannabis to improve the quality of life for those with autism spectrum disorder, and improve the opportunity for them to live a more independent life.

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This iextracted from an article written by Josh Kaplan. The 5 most intriguing cannabis research studies of 2022 | Leafly

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