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CBD Seltzer - Mrs Tammy Left Me Alone Again

With opening a new store, it seems like every salesperson is coming to see us. Trust me, we have plenty of inventory. Every now and then though, someone comes through with something to add to our product mix.

A week or so ago, Tom with Trojan Horse Cannabis came through the door with a CBD Seltzer. It's 3mg of Delta 9. Delta 9 is a psychoactive agent in Cannabis. The drink conforms to the 2018 Farm Act regarding Hemp and CBD products. The CBD is nanosized so that it bypasses the liver and quickly absorbs in your system. The other side effect is it burns off faster too. Pressurized liquid doesn't ship to well, so you'll have to check it out at Fractured Flower CBD in our Conway SC store.

Click on the link for our Tik Tok video.

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