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Free Shipping!

When ordering online, we have free shipping. If you are local and cannot make it to our store before you run out, make an online order. For those that came to our store while on a trip, you can still get more of what you enjoyed shipped to your door. We ship to the continental USA with free shipping. If you are out of town and need it fast, we do have a flat rate for overnight shipping as well.

If you are local and place your order before 2:00 Monday through Thursday it should arrive in two days, if not the next day. Orders after Thursday at 2:00, but before Friday at 2:00 most likely Monday. If there is a holiday, you'll need to add a day for that as well.

We are utilizing UPS, as our experience and opinion, they are the most reliable.

Sorry, but Seltzers and Chocolate bars are not available for online orders.

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