Is It Strong?

All our products come in the industry standard dosages. A typical Delta 8 dosage is 25mg to a gummy. There are some retailers that sell double and triple dosage products to a gummy. If you do not achieve the effect you desire with one edible or a couple hits, take another. You do not have to buy a 50 or a 75mg gummy. At the same time, we offer great flavors. If you are eating a gummy, you do not have to have a hemp taste to your gummy. Nor do you have to overpay for your milligrams either. Our cost per milligram is the lowest in the Grand Strand too. So come to our store and enjoy your right to chose from multiple brands and flavors.

We are your Grand Strand Super CBD Store. We are located next to Tropical Smoothie Across the 501 from CCU. Shop Now #cbd #womenownedbusiness #veteranowned #hemp #myrtlebeach #conway #coastalcarolinauniversity

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