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THCa Flower Is the Newest Thang

THCa flower is newest strain gaining traction in the cannabis/hemp market—just squeaking by the Federal Farm Bill of 2018’s definition of the legality. When smoked, THCa hemp is still reported to have similar effects as THC. But the flowers are high in THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and extremely low in concentration of traditional THC (below 0.3%) — still registering the bud farm bill compliant. Yes, this is legal in South Carolina!

In order for psychoactive effects to take place the flower must be smoked producing a high quintessentially the same as traditional marijuana. Once THCa is decarboxylated (smoked) it is recognized by the body as traditional THC producing a similar psychoactive effect indistinguishable from marijuana. THCa is genetically and naturally grown. It is not a synthetic alternative.

Fractured Flower CBD carries THCa Flower. You can check it out in our Bud Bar in our store or buy it on line. We have free shipping for continental USA.

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