Your Grand Strand CBD Super Dispensary

We figured most people like choices. So, we stocked our Dispensary with multiple top national brand names. We don’t manufacture anything. We don’t cut it or add to our product, before we pack it. Our Certificates of Acceptability (COA) are done by independent laboratories of our manufactures. We buy the products we sell already packaged and sealed. You get the highest quality from our national brands

Here is the same product, but from three different manufactures and three

different flavors.

For those that are coming from Cannabis legal states, some of our psychoactive products are just as strong, if not stronger. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about what it may be cut down with. All our products conform to the 2018 Farm Act and are legal in South Carolina.

We sell a safe legal highest quality product. Yet, because of our volume buying we pass our wholesale prices on to our customers. While all our products are made in the USA and do not contain any heavy metals.

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